Implacable, immutable, irreplaceable: why Malcolm Young was a rock’n’roll great

A lovely tribute to a rock and roll legend. RIP.

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We recently provided Aero 6 speakers and a Minx Xi for the unique art exhibition 'A Most Awkward Divide (All Mind, No Body)' at Gallery 46 in East London.

Full details in the link below. Photo credit: Kate Petran

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In case you missed it, the 851N Network Player took home the Product of the Year prize in the streamer category and the CXN won the Best music streamer £500 - £1,000 award at the What Hi-Fi? Awards this week.

Explore our award-winning streamers below:


Willkommen - Mitteldeutsche HiFi-Tage

Germany, we'll be at the Mitteldeutsche HiFi-Tage in Leipzig this weekend! Showcasing British Sound with our CX series and 4K demonstrations with the CXUHD. Find us in Raum Zeitz on the 1st floor.

The best 29 products of 2017

We had a brilliant evening at the #WhatHiFiAwards last night, with the 851N taking home the Product of the Year award in the streamer category!

A huge thank you to What Hi-Fi? for the award. You can check out the full list of winners below.

Ken's Day Two at the New York Show

"This competitively-priced system offered solid, dynamic, musical sound and great bang for the buck."

Part 2 of the Stereophile Magazine review of the New York Audio Show features a nice look into our stand. Check out the feature below.

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"Prepare yourself, and possibly your neighbours..."

Explore the What Hi-Fi? 5-star winning Yoyo (S) Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

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We're here at the New York Audio Show showcasing our signature British Sound.

Find us in room 705 for a demonstration of CX, 851 and much more.

Best Ever Covers, a playlist by Cambridge Audio on Spotify

For our latest Spotify playlist, we've delved deep into the realm of song cover versions.

It's a collective effort from Cambridge HQ so of course, it's an eclectic mix. But are these covers better than the original? We'll let you decide! As always, tell us your favourite covers in the comments and we'll add them to the playlist.

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When you treat yourself to a pair of our SE1 in-ear headphones, we make a donation to the amazing charities Youth Music and Music Unites!

To explore our earphones and the full details of both incredible charities, head to the link below:

Yoyo (M) Stereo Portable Bluetooth Speakers by Cambridge Audio

Introducing stereo sound to the world of Bluetooth Speakers.

Explore the T3 2017 Award Winning Yoyo (M) Portable Stereo Bluetooth Speakers.

The Best Non-Music Tracks to Stream on Spotify

Exhausted your playlists? Uninspired by upcoming new releases? Why not try something a little different...

We've searched around on the platform and uncovered some non-music hidden gems you can stream on Spotify right now.

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Melbourne, we're at the International HiFi Show Australia all weekend long showcasing our signature British Sound!

We have CX, Yoyo and much more on show so make sure you stop by room 1204.

Why Are Soundtracks So Popular On Vinyl?

Which soundtracks are a part of your collection?

Sainsbury's is setting up a record label

Would you pick up a record from your local supermarket?

Technology Explainers - YouTube

Confused by DACs? Unsure about different digital formats? USB Audio still puzzling you? We have plenty of technology explainers and much more on our YouTube Channel.

Head over to our channel, check out our videos and give us a subscribe if you like what you see!

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Bluetooth speakers designed by hi-fi engineers.

Explore the T3 Magazine award-winning Yoyo (M) Stereo Bluetooth Speakers.

StreamMagic Streaming Platform

We're still over the moon our 851N and CXN Network Players picked up prizes at this year's What Hi-Fi? Awards!

This victory marks seven consecutive years of streaming awards and it isn't a coincidence. They've all had one thing in common... our StreamMagic platform. Read all about it in our blog below.

Can you kill a zombie with a vinyl record?

Finally, the answers we've been looking for!

Cambridge Audio Yoyo (M) Portable Bluetooth Speakers

"They look great, are simple to set up, and the sound far outperforms what we would expect for its size and price range."

Here's the Audio Advice verdict on the Yoyo (M) Bluetooth Speakers.

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Big thanks to Tony Njoku and The Magic Lantern for their sets this lunchtime in Melomania with Richer Unsigned.

Keep your eyes peeled for videos of their performances across our social channels.

Next up for the Richer Unsigned lunchtime sessions, The Magic Lantern!

Another Melomania lunch session with Richer Unsigned is here. Up first is Tony Njoku.

Top 10 Horror Movies with Great Soundtracks

Halloween is just days away, so if you're planning on screening some quality horror films, you'll want to pick the titles that are going to sound amazing through your home cinema setup.

Don't worry, we've done the legwork for you. And by legwork we mean cowering behind the sofa. Here are 10 halloween horror films with brilliant soundtracks.

Halloween Party, a playlist by Cambridge Audio on Spotify

Hosting a Halloween shindig this weekend? Don't worry, we've got the tunes all sorted for you.

Check out our latest Spotify playlist featuring haunting hits and some spooky songs you might not have heard before. Comment with your favourite Halloween tracks and we'll add them to the playlist.

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We had a wonderfully chilled evening in Melomania last night with the brilliantly talented Catherine McGrath.

If you're into your country music is yoru thing, we highly recommend you check her out!

Voice Controlled Speakers – Enhancing your Bluetooth and Home Speakers

There's no escaping it, voice-controlled technology is quickly becoming commonplace in the modern home.

You don't need to splash out too much to get involved either, here's how you can turn your current home and Bluetooth speakers into a personalised voice activated DJ.

Blue Lights - Pat Dam Smyth | Richer Unsigned

We've got more unsigned live music coming up this week with another Richer Unsigned lunchtime session on Friday.

Until then, check out one of last months brilliant acts Pat Dam Smyth and fill your Tuesday with some new music!

Cambridge Audio

Dolby Vision is gradually making its way into homes of AV enthusiasts, offering an unrivalled visual experience with its huge contrast of colours.

Not sure what Dolby Vision is or what its benefits are? Everything you need to know is in our blog below:

Best Bookshelf Speakers of 2017 | The Master Switch

"For the price, these are stupendously good speakers and represent a brave engineering concept."

The Aero 2's have made The Master Switch's Best Bookshelf Speakers of 2017 list! Check out the full run down in the link below.

Don't have the space for a full 5.1 sound system? That's ok, your movie sound doesn't need to suffer.

The TV5 V2 is the ultimate one box TV sound upgrade. Full details below:

— Products shown: TV5 (v2) Soundbase with Bluetooth.

The Best 4K Blu-Ray Discs to Show off your UHD System

If you've invested in everything you need for 4K movies at home, the next step is picking films that not only look and sound amazing, but are actually a good watch too!

Luckily we're big film geeks too, so we've picked our favourite discs that you can add to your collection right now.

Cambridge Audio's cover photo

Explore our flagship award-winning network player, the 851N:

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Ever fancied working for Cambridge Audio? We're looking for Mobile Developers to join our engineering team in SE1 London.

Interested? Then head on over to our carers page below for full job details:

Music Direct

Fancy a sneak peek at some upcoming technology?

Here's our Technical Director Dominic Baker chatting to Music Direct at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest a few weeks ago.

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We're giving away a Yoyo (S) Portable Bluetooth Speaker signed by none other than Newton Faulkner, plus a signed copy of his latest album 'Hit The Ground Running' and poster.

Fancy getting your hands on this awesome prize? To be in with a chance, just like this post and tell us why YOU should win this brilliant bundle! We'll pick a winner next Friday.


Artist Interview: Bloom

Following their ace set at Melomania last month, we chatted to synth pop extraordinaires Bloom about the band, influences, their love of Brighton and much more!

Check out the full interview in our latest blog below.

How we made the Jackson 5's I Want You Back

Great insight into one of pops most well known tracks.

Ultra HD Blu-Ray – What You Need to Know

Ultra HD Blu-Ray and 4K capable products are starting to creep into home cinema systems, offering stunning detail and immense clarity for your movies.

Not sure what you need or even what 4K is? We've outlined what you need to know in our blog piece below:


We're extremely proud to announce that the 851N and CXN network players are What Hi-Fi? 2017 Award winners within the Best Streamer category!

The 851N has been awarded the Best music streamer £1000-£1500, whilst the CXN takes home the Best music streamer £500-£1000 for the second year in a row. You can check out the full category below.


Photos from Cambridge Audio's post

We had a fantastic time at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest over the weekend, showcasing our latest upcoming tech! Thanks to everyone that stopped by for a sneak peek.


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Bluetooth speakers designed by hi-fi engineers.

Explore the What Hi-Fi? 5-star winning Yoyo (S) Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

Cambridge Audio Topaz SR20 Stereo Receiver Review

"The Topaz SR20 is a straight forward stereo receiver that punches far above its weight class."

The team at Audio Advice think the SR20 is a great entry level unit, and so do we! Check out their full review in this video.

The best stereo amplifiers of the 21st century

We're beyond happy to be featured in this list from What Hi-Fi?!

Check out the full list below and take a trip down memory lane.

We're proud that our 851N Network Player is a 5 star What Hi-Fi? award winner, but we're just as thrilled that it's dog approved!

Full spec here:

SE1s in the USA – Our Partnership with Music Unites

The SE1 in-ear headphones are now on sale in the USA from our webshop, with 50% of proceeds going to our newest charity partners Music Unites!

Check out our blog for more information on the non for profit and an insight into the amazing work they do for young musicians around the world.

50 facts about Radio 1 & 2 as they turn 50

We're a couple of days late, but happy birthday to BBC Radio 1 & 2!

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